New Employees in Hillsboro


We are thrilled to announce the hiring of two new employees to our Hillsboro market - Dr. Tim Osborn and Adam Garman.

Dr. Tim Osborn will be taking over the role of Facility Manager. He joins the UPI team with more than 30 years of experience as a beef nutritionist as well as his Master of Science and Ph. D in ruminant nutrition. He is a lifelong resident of the Hillsboro region, as well as a lifelong producer of cattle in Southern Ohio.

Osborn has been involved in the cattle industry his entire life and has passed his passion onto his family. His wife, Stephanie, and their two children, Ashleigh and Andrew, help operate Rippling Rock Hereford Farm in Blanchester. Osborn was raised on this farm and now has the privilege to own and operate it with his own family, where they raise Purebred Herefords.

Outside of work, Osborn is a member of the Ohio Cattlemen's Association, National Cattlemen's Association, and American and Buckeye Hereford Association. He also serves as an advisor and coach for Livestock Judging Teams Blanchester FFA and Clinton County 4-H.

Adam Garman was hired as a Sales Representative. He is a lifelong resident of Southern Ohio, with many years of beef cattle experience. His family owns and operates one of the largest and most successful feed mills in the Hillsboro region. Due to his many years of experience, Garman is passionate and committed to helping the cattleman of the region succeed.

Along with his beef cattle experience, Garman also led a relief effort several years ago to support the ranches impacted by western wildfires. He organized several semi loads of hay and fencing materials that were sent to these farms to aid in relief.

We are excited to welcome Adam and Tim to the UPI team and look forward to seeing how their experiences shape our operations in Hillsboro.